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The Size of Space by is an interactive online experience that beautifully illustrates the vastness of the universe in a simple and engaging manner. Through a series of scrolling animations, users are taken on a journey from the smallest known particle to the entire observable universe, providing a sense of scale that is both awe-inspiring and humbling.

Beginning with a proton, users can scroll horizontally to explore various objects such as cells, insects, buildings, mountains, planets, stars, galaxies, and finally, the observable universe. Each step of the journey is accompanied by concise and informative text, offering insights into the size and significance of each object in comparison to the ones before and after it.

The interactive nature of The Size of Space allows users to grasp the enormity of the cosmos in a way that static images or text alone cannot convey. By seamlessly transitioning between different scales, it highlights the sheer magnitude of the universe while emphasizing humanity's relatively small place within it.

With its visually stunning design and educational content, The Size of Space serves as both a captivating exploration of cosmic proportions and a reminder of the vast mysteries that lie beyond our planet.